My Kitchen Club Questions and Answers

Socibizz Software


Q) What is the Socibizz software?

A) The Socibizz software is a social networking platform with an ultimate easy-to-use software that will enable anyone to get 100% free traffic to multiple offers at once. This revolutionary software can make any Ad campaign, any product, any website or solo Ads go viral while earning with My Kitchen club.


Q) When I purchase the Socibizz software does this include 1 Profit Center?

A) Yes.


Q) What if I do not have a sponsor?

A) If you happened to find our website and you have no sponsor and you would like to join My Kitchen Club, simply send a request using the contact link on the site detailing that you would like to join but have no sponsor. We will find a sponsor for you.


MKC Profit Centers   (Double Up, Triple Up)


Q) May I purchase more than one profit center at one time?

A) Anyone may purchase a maximum of up to 10 Profit Center Units at one time.


Q) Why would an affiliate purchase more than 1 profit center?

A) Very simple the more profit centers you purchase, the more income you generate.


Q) If I purchase more than 1 profit center, do they automatically enter one after the other?

A) Your 1st three profit centers enter immediately one after another to give you maximum earnings and the rest in intervals of 5 companywide entries.


Q) How do our profit centers enter the 2x10 forced compensation plan?

A) The 1st profit Center follows your sponsor and the rest of the profit centers follow your 1st profit center, force filling the next open available position in your downline.



Money in, Money out.


Q) Which processors are we using for product purchases?

A) Okpay, Solid Trust Pay, Payza, Perfect money


Q) Do we accept credit cards?

A) Yes. We accept visa and master card


Q) Are there any fees related with these processors?

A) Yes. All processors have fees ranging from 3% to 7% added to the purchase price.


Q) When is payroll done for affiliate commissions?

A) My Kitchen Club does payroll on a daily basis. Yes, we pay daily!


Q) How do I request a withdrawal?

A) Simply click the Withdraw link in the back office and follow the procedures.


Referrals and Referral Bonuses


Q) Is my referral link and video attached to me?

A) Yes. Anyone that joins and registers through your referral link or video will automatically become your referral.


Q) Do I need to sponsor or refer new affiliates?

A) You do not need to sponsor or refer anyone, but the more you refer and share the more commissions you will earn. 

Q) How much do I earn if refer or not?

A)  A free affiliate earns commissions of 25% bonuses on all income earned from all paid affiliates that you refer.

A paid affiliate earns up to 75% commissions of revenue share + 25% bonuses on all income earned from paid affiliates that you refer.

Paid affiliates that do not refer will also earn 25% commissions of revenue share + 25% bonuses on all income earned from paid affiliates that you refer. Refer to the Opportunity link.


Helpers   (review opportunity link)


Q) How are Helpers identified in the compensation plan?

A) They are identified as FRUITS. You will see many fruits creating you leverage and commissions. This is such a fun way to earn an income.


Q) How do Helpers benefit Affiliates?

A) Helpers benefit Affiliates in a very big way. See, affiliates get paid 10 levels deep. Helper positions will forcefill these 10 levels empty spots that are available.  Therefore creating a commission for affiliates in 10 levels. This means it pays 10 different affiliates at the same time. This is huge!


Q) How does the company generate helpers?

A-1) The company, MyKitchenClub has created 3 positions at the top of the forced filled compensation plan. These positions are Helper Positions. All commissions earned by these 3 Helper positions are used to generate more Helpers to force fill the compensation plan and help affiliates earn more commissions quickly.


A-2) The company, MyKitchenClub funds that are not paid out to our affiliates are used to help our affiliates. Example: When an affiliate does not refer, they receive  25% payout RIGHT? The other 75% of the funds remaining should be used in the best interest of our affiliates. WE DO JUST THAT! These funds are used to create HELPER positions.

A-3) All Helpers make commissions and these commissions are used to generate more Helpers. This means more commissions for the affiliates.



Q) Is My Kitchen Club International?

A) Yes! We are a global company.


Q) What e-currencies do you accept?

A) All transactions are done in USD. We have Solid Trust Pay, Alert Pay (now Payza), Okpay and Perfect Money as payment processors. - Pay by credit card - Visa, Master Card, American Express, Bank - Flexible depositing and withdrawals - Send money from over 190+ countries


Q) Is my personal information safe with My Kitchen Club?
A) Absolutely! A member's personal information will be stored securely with My Kitchen Club, and will not be sold, misused, or used for any other opportunity. (Refer to Privacy Policy)


Q) What is My Kitchen Club policy on spamming?
A) We have ZERO tolerance for spamming. Members who spam will be removed. (Refer to Antispam Policy)


Q) What is My Kitchen Club policy on cross-recruiting?
A) Anyone cross-recruiting or spamming members’ down lines with other opportunities will be removed from the program.


Q) How do we contact My Kitchen Club support?
A) Visit the contact section of the website. Our contact information will be available as well as the possibility of emailing your questions or concerns directly to us.